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Jun 29


Dear friend, if you are a writer — particularly a young writer — who is reading this right now, I want you to promise me something. Are you ready? l want you to promise me that you will stay away from epithets when you are talking about characters who know one another’s names.

You do not need to say, “the blond man.” You do not need to say “the older man,” or “the taller man,” or “the smaller man.” You definitely do not need to transform adjectives into nouns and say things like, “the older,” “the younger,” or lord forbid, “the other.” (Unless you are writing the kind of academic paper that cites Lacan or bell hooks, in which using the other/Other is allowed, and also important). 

I know it might seem repetitive, but using names and pronouns is enough. They are the kinds of words that fade into the rhythm of your writing, and they will never stand out to your reader. They are the words that make sense.

When you look at your friends, you’re not thinking of them as “the red-headed woman,” or “the shorter person.” You’re probably thinking something like, “Natasha’s hair is getting so long,” or, “she looks beautiful today,” or “Jamie’s got a great shirt.” You think of people’s pronouns. You think of their names. And that is what your character does, too.

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Mar 7



10 Terrifying two-sentence horror stories PART 2

part 1

these are awesome

Sep 19


From a message:

I don’t think you can really say that there’s no such thing as a bad female character. And the way you’re approaching this is (possibly unintentionally) indicating that you believe that. We very much do have a problem in fiction works where some writers over-sexualize female characters instead of developing their personalities -This is a problem because in same works, the men are often far more dynamic. To me, this means we still need more females in stories and more females creating stories

Right. I’m sorry if it looked like I was saying that there’s no such thing as a bad female character - there obviously is. In debates like this it tends to polarize the two sides of the argument, pushing each party to extremes, so let me clarify my stance. I’m not saying that we should blindly love ANY character simply for being female while heaping praise upon the creators for creating a female character. I absolutely think that we should be pushing for better, more well-rounded, more diverse female characters, and that we should hold the writers accountable for their shortcomings. However, my problem with the initial post that started all this is that it displays an attitude I see all too often: “because sexism exists, it would be better if there were no female characters rather than ‘bad’ female characters.”

(Watch out, it’s a long one under the cut!)

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Mar 29

Jan 11

The world’s greatest essay, written by a 12-year-old who really, really hates plain doughnuts.


The world’s greatest essay, written by a 12-year-old who really, really hates plain doughnuts.

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May 20
"The Literals" #1

"The Literals" #1

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