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Jun 3

All in Favor by Amber Tamblyn

Dear men in congress,
You think banning birth control is conservative progress?
You think sanctioning my ovaries won’t bring me to violence?
How about I tell you what to do with your caucus?
It is now illegal to think about me topless
To keep your lotion where your socks is.
To refer to powerful women as monsters like those jocks at Fox did.
I am not afraid to cock-block dick.
To sew an instructional video for rape kits to your eyelids and make you watch it.
I’ll take away your golf clubs and gun clips.
I’m going to fix this by getting you fixed.
Enough’s enough, kid, come on stop that.
If you want to make this law then use my law rap.
You have the right to get strangled by a bra strap.
Anything you sexualize with, can and will get shot at.
With a glock cap.
I’ll shove your life in a duffle bag
Hand it over to a sex trafficker and let him smuggle that.
You want to cuddle dad?
No! Don’t touch me!
You can’t touch me anymore!
I’m so pissed I forgot how to rhyme!
I hate you so much I forgot what I was talking about!
Who wants to get Mexican food?
Jay-Z, do something!
This is do or die.
These are the new rules I play by.
This is the end of the line.
KO, white guy.
Ladies testify.
It’s time to put a measure on the floor against chromosome-Y.
All in favor say I.

Feb 22