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Sep 10


DC Comics - December 2013 Solicit Covers featuring some of the women of the DCU

Jul 1

Mar 18

Mar 13

9 DCnU Solicit Covers for June 2012

Jan 13

Top Ten Comics on my Pull List in No Particular Order

1. Teen Titans

There’s dark and serious situations but you know what else there is? Fun. Bart and Tim bicker back and forth. Solstice has retained her incredibly positive attitude. Bunker is fun and adorable. Don’t-Call-Her-Wonder Girl is still a fave of mine as she’s currently playing the reluctant team member. Obviously Bugg is a little glum at her current situation. And Superboy is currently in that whole brainwashed-right-out-of-the-test-tube kind of way.

They’ve only really just come together as a team but I’ve enjoyed all the steps along the way. I think they’re an interesting group made up of some classics, a newbie I thought might have been lost in the relaunch but happily wasn’t, and some interesting brand new characters.

Aug 21


Teen Titans v3 #9

Bad idea letting Bart drive, Tim!

This is so awesome. I loved this issue.

Aug 6

These are the covers of four books featuring younger characters in October.

My favorite of these four covers is definitely Teen Titans #2 (by Brett Booth & Norm Rampund). I’m kind of in love with the expressions on everyone’s face in this image. Wonder Girl just look frustrated and pissed off as hell. Red Robin is clearly experiencing some webbing in uncomfortable places. And the new character, Bugg(?), looks like someone just messed up her web and she’s not pleased about it. I also love the colored light that Cassie’s lasso is emitting.

My second favorite cover would be Blue Beetle #2 (by Tyler Kirkham & Sal Regla). I think it really clearly conveys the pain that Jaime experiences each time he suits up. One flaw… young Jaime is looking a little too built in this image. He’s got a super suit that surrounds him from a piece of alien tech that’s attached itself to his spine. I don’t recall him getting super washboard ab powers in the package. Other than that I think the image really conveys what Jaime goes through.

My third favorite would be Static Shock #2 (by Chris Brunner). I think it’s an interesting style. It almost feels like what someone very talented would do when faced with a coloring book and a stack of markers or pencil crayons. The colors are all very bold and the art style is compelling. I like it.

Last up is Hawk and Dove #2 (by Rob Liefeld). Not my favorite of the bunch but I still am not getting where all the hate for Liefeld’s art comes from. I think it’s a pretty decent piece, if perhaps a little basic. And I think the Avatar of Peace is looking a bit less peaceful and a bit more dazed.

These are the solicits for the younger character October books.

Blue Beetle #2 (written by Tony Bedard): Jaime Reyes was trying to save his best friend when an alien weapon attached itself to his spine. Now, if he wants to live to see tomorrow, Jaime must defeat a team of Super-Villains who want the weapon for more nefarious purposes.

Hawk and Dove #2 (written by Sterling Gates): Hawk and Dove continue their investigation of the enigmatic Alexander Quirk! Who is he? What does he want? A secret laboratory might hold the answers, but it might also spell the end for Hawk and Dove! To top things off, the monster watching our heroes from the shadows finally makes his move – and he’s got a terrifying new partner!

Static Shock #2 (written by Scott McDaniel & John Rozum): Static finds himself the target of dark forces as Virule and the Slate Gang unleash their deadly trap! Will Static’s debut end before it has even started?

Teen Titans #2 (written by Scott Lobdell): A strange creature haunts the streets of Los Angeles… and because of this creature’s age, both Red Robin and N.O.W.H.E.R.E. are racing to find her – but neither side is prepared for the horror known as Bugg!

Meanwhile, Superboy is on a collision course with the team, and Kid Flash plots his escape from N.O.W.H.E.R.E. with the most unexpected of allies!

Jun 19

52 Days of the DCnU: “Teen Titans”

Teen Titans cover

52 Days of the DCnU: Day 5 - Teen Titans
Written by: Scott Lobdell
Art by: Brett Booth & Norm Rapmund
Release Date: September 28

First things motherfucking first. Cassie’s arms. Those arms are awesome as fuck. *UNF* I want to see her and Superboy arm wrestle… then we can get down to whatever story may come.

Second things second. I LIKE TIM’S NEW RED ROBIN COSTUME. I don’t care if he is now the Red Swan. Natalie Portman would fuck your shit up as the Swan Queen and so would Tim. (Here’s another angle of everyone’s costumes.) This title is definitely the one that has people talking fashion the most.

For the record, my thoughts:

Wonder Girl - awesome. Love the star-field fabric as a nod to Donna Troy. Love the messy, tangled, hard to manage lasso. The hood is perfect. The whole outfit is a great look.

Red Robin - equal parts awesome and hilarious. Awesome because I like being able to see his hair again. I like the Red Robin elements retained from the old design. And I like the ridiculous wings. It’s a superhero costume, dammit! It should be a little bit absurd. Plus, it’s now given birth to countless drawings and jokes that go past my Tumblr dash and amuse me. LOVE IT!

Superboy - Um… I’ll enjoy imaging Tim taking it off of him? It’s kinda plain. The barcode tattoo thing is kind of interesting but I don’t know if I like it yet. Let’s just say that shirt does not look durable in a fight situation and I fully expect it to get torn off at least once every two issues. Therefore, I do not object.

I don’t have any real opinions on Kid Flash’s costume or those of the newbies.

I recently read the interview with the writer, Scott Lobdell, about his planned direction for Teen Titans. I think that may just be the most enthusiastic interview I’ve read. He’s kind of bouncing off the walls filled with excitement about the project. I’m not familiar with his work but I did love reading this:

I’ll say this: if the comic industry never created another young white male super hero, we’d be okay.   Not that I have anything against them, but I don’t think the over abundance of them reflect the world we live in.

So yes, the three characters who are not the Core Four are “diverse” — even the villain in the second issue is Samoan, and the forth member of the Outlaws is a young black man. - Scott Lobdell,

So, I’m hoping the three new characters we see up above are interesting and well received. There’s a ton of existing Titans I’d love to see but I’m perfectly ready to get into some new characters along with some new takes on the old ones. I love the characters of Tim, Cassie and Connor. I love them as they are now but that doesn’t mean I’m not willing to see them change. I’m really hopeful he pulls this off well because he’s writing three potentially fascinating books this September.

Side note: I’m super glad he’s also writing the Superboy title. In that interview he expressed the same disdain I have when you’ve got the same character in two different worlds depending on which title you’re reading. So, while I haven’t read his stuff before, I’m hopeful. I’m not necessarily as confident in the quality as I am for some of the other writers I’m familiar with but I think he’s got a resume that makes it an easy choice to add to my pull list.

Additional Art Source: DC Universe: The Source - Blog