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Jan 16

Top Ten Comics on my Pull List in No Particular Order

7. Swamp Thing / Animal Man

Did I just cheat and put two titles in one entry? Yes. Yes, I did.

Did they cheat and totally tie their two books together long before their upcoming crossover? Yes. Yes, they did.

If you’re not reading both books then there’s no reason to have thought that they had anything to do with one another until a brief line in their latest issues. If you have been reading both, however, then you’ll have seen this shared villain and looming threat as something that would simply have to draw them inexorably together. And, if you follow their Twitter accounts, then you’ll have seen their adorable (occasionally drunken) flail about getting to crossover these stories.

Animal Man has been an amazingly powerful horror story. Creepy, disturbing, art that unsettles, and a plot that makes you uneasy. Swamp Thing has been doing that wonderful slow-build thing that Snyder does so well. He just builds a story layer by layer. It’s a pleasure to watch unfold.

Both are excellent.