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Jan 15


Oh my goodness! The cuteness just grows!

Jan 13

Top Ten Comics on my Pull List in No Particular Order

1. Teen Titans

There’s dark and serious situations but you know what else there is? Fun. Bart and Tim bicker back and forth. Solstice has retained her incredibly positive attitude. Bunker is fun and adorable. Don’t-Call-Her-Wonder Girl is still a fave of mine as she’s currently playing the reluctant team member. Obviously Bugg is a little glum at her current situation. And Superboy is currently in that whole brainwashed-right-out-of-the-test-tube kind of way.

They’ve only really just come together as a team but I’ve enjoyed all the steps along the way. I think they’re an interesting group made up of some classics, a newbie I thought might have been lost in the relaunch but happily wasn’t, and some interesting brand new characters.