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Jul 24

Justice League United #1

Jun 12

I always read these books together. They may still just be leading into their crossover storyline but they’ve been unofficially intertwined since issue #1. Also, they’re two of the best series going right now. Creepy, unsettling, intense imagery and great stories.

Written by JEFF LEMIRE
Art and cover by STEVE PUGH
On sale SEPTEMBER 5 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T+
• What is the secret history of Animal Man?
• Learn how Buddy got his powers!
• Plus: A terrible secret is revealed as “Rotworld” draws closer!

Art by KANO
On sale SEPTEMBER 5 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T+
• The mysteries of Alec Holland and Anton Arcane revealed!
• Throughout history, Arcane has slaughtered the champions of the Red and the Green, and only Alec has escaped death – but for how much longer?

Jan 16

Top Ten Comics on my Pull List in No Particular Order

7. Swamp Thing / Animal Man

Did I just cheat and put two titles in one entry? Yes. Yes, I did.

Did they cheat and totally tie their two books together long before their upcoming crossover? Yes. Yes, they did.

If you’re not reading both books then there’s no reason to have thought that they had anything to do with one another until a brief line in their latest issues. If you have been reading both, however, then you’ll have seen this shared villain and looming threat as something that would simply have to draw them inexorably together. And, if you follow their Twitter accounts, then you’ll have seen their adorable (occasionally drunken) flail about getting to crossover these stories.

Animal Man has been an amazingly powerful horror story. Creepy, disturbing, art that unsettles, and a plot that makes you uneasy. Swamp Thing has been doing that wonderful slow-build thing that Snyder does so well. He just builds a story layer by layer. It’s a pleasure to watch unfold.

Both are excellent.

Aug 18

These are the four covers for the monster/horror comics coming out in November.

When reading the announcements for the books coming out in the new 52, I certainly didn’t expect Frankenstein to be bringing it with the cover art month after month. But low and behold who’s sitting in my favorite spot this month. Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #3 (by J.G. Jones) is a really gorgeous piece of art. The clear, sharp detail in every inch of this cover is just awesome. I love the colors. I love everything about this cover.

Second favorite of the bunch would go to Swamp Thing #3 (by Yanick Paquette). The effect of the woman shooting him and it looking like grass clippings spraying from a lawn mower is really cool. I love the creepy, symmetrical boarder edging the bottom of the cover, possibly representing the encroaching “forces of decay” the solicits mention.

Third on the list would be I, Vampire #3 (by Jenny Frison). It’s a very soft, pretty cover when it comes to the muted colors and shading, the frame around the image. Of course the image itself is an axe chopping into a vampire’s torso. So there’s definitely a contrast there. I don’t like it quite as much as the cover for issue #2. This one reminds me a little too strongly of the artist’s covers for “Angel” but it’s still a nice cover.

I’m not quite sure what the end result of looking at all the covers for Animal Man is going to be but there’s a good chance I’m going to be physically ill at some point. Animal Man #3 (by Travel Foreman) is my least favorite cover of these four but if the artist is going for unsettling (and I hope he’s not going for sweet and cuddly) then he sure as hell is accomplishing his goal. Can Buddy maybe absorb some pretty butterfly powers next? A puppy? A bunny? An angry bunny? And suddenly I’m imagining this artist doing a rendition of Frank the Rabbit from “Donnie Darko” and I’m never coming out from under my covers again.

These are November solicits for the monster/horror comics.

Animal Man #3 (written by Jeff Lemire): Maxine and Buddy swim to the heart of the Life Web and come face to face with the Totems…caretakers of the Red. But before they can get answers, the Hunters Three attack. Meanwhile, Ellen and Cliff fight for their lives back home. The Hunt heats up!

Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #3 (written by Jeff Lemire): Frankenstein and The Creature Commandos crash-land on the invading alien planetoid and all-out mayhem ensues, but nothing can prepare them for the coming of The Titans of Monster Planet! And just when they thought things couldn’t get worse, Father Time receives a troubling message from his past.

I, Vampire #3 (written by Joshua Hale Fialkov): Across the country, bodies litter the streets as the Queen of Blood builds her army. A weakened Andrew must seek the aid of an old ally, but the game of death has a new wild card who may help Andrew tip the balance of power – or decapitate him.

Swamp Thing #3 (written by Scott Snyder): The forces of decay are summoning their servants, and the Green alone cannot protect Alec Holland – but one woman can! Alec may not know her, but he should! And only he can help her before the darkness finds its key to spreading across the world unchecked. But unfortunately for Alec’s mysterious benefactor, that “key” is part of the family… 

Aug 5

These are the four covers for the monster/horror comics coming out in October.

This is a really excellent and unique group of covers (as befits their very twisted titles) and it was hard choosing my favorite among them. In the end I think I have to give it up to both the art and concept behind Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #2 (by J.G. Jones). If all this cover had consisted of was the very detailed portrait of Frankenstein, then I think it could have been a favorite anyway. The art is excellent. The shadows and light playing across every detailed line is really well done. Having his entire team coming out of the top of his head, so well rendered, is like a monster-cherry on top.

My second favorite cover belongs to Swamp Thing #2 (by Yanick Paquette). I love everything here. The symmetrical boarder around the bottom of the book with the little flourishes. The green leaf back drop. And the twist on the classic creature-carrying-away-his-bride imagery as the Swamp Thing attempts to claim his human host. I think it’s an interesting and beautiful cover. It’ll be brutal that they have to put a barcode on this thing eventually.

Third favorite cover belongs to I, Vampire #2 (by Jenny Frison). A quick glance and all you notice is a sexy vampire walking out a door. A second glance lets your eyes drift to the walls, the floor, the door. The bloody rag and scratches through the blood and wallpaper. I love the inset portrait of the other vampire with the almost old fashioned detail around it.

Fourth favorite goes to Animal Man #2 (by Travel Foreman). That is just a huge glob of horror and ick up there and it’s impressive on a level that most imaginary monsters could only have nightmares about. It is very gross and I want Buddy and his kid to run real fast… so I think that’s a mission accomplished for what the artist intended.

These are October solicits for the monster/horror comics.

Animal Man #2 (written by Jeff Lemire): Maxine’s new abilities continue to terrify Ellen and Buddy Baker, and things take a turn for the worse as Buddy begins a startling transformation of his own that will lead him on a journey into the heart of The Red. Meanwhile, The Hunters Three arrive on Earth and set their sights on the Baker family. The Hunt is on as DC’s most surprising new series continues to take ANIMAL MAN in shocking new directions.

Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #2 (written by Jeff Lemire): It’s all-out war as Frankenstein and his new field team, The Creature Commandos, uncover an age-old conspiracy at the heart of Bone Lake – one that will see them suit up as the world’s first “Necronauts,” traveling between worlds and through “dead space,” toward the mysterious Monster Planet. Meanwhile, the horrifying origins of the Commandos are revealed – and the S.O.M.B.I.E. makes its first appearance!

I, Vampire #2 (written by Joshua Hale Fialkov): True love becomes divine hatred between the Queen of Blood and Andrew, as her vampires begin their attacks across the country. Their past behind them, they find themselves ready to battle to the death… If those feelings really are all gone. Surrounded by swarms of bloodthirsty vamps, Andrew must confront his immortal beloved in a blood-soaked battle he can’t win.

Swamp Thing #2 (written by Scott Snyder): Alec Holland thought he knew the history of the Swamp Thing – but he was wrong. The creature’s roots run deeper than he knows, and the Parliament of Trees intends to make him understand the responsibility he wants so desperately to avoid! With this issue, the mythology of the Swamp Thing branches out in ways you never saw coming – don’t miss it!

Jul 1

52 Days of the DCnU: “Animal Man”

52 Days of the DCnU: Day 16 - Animal Man
Written by: Jeff Lemire
Art by: Travel Foreman & Dan Green
Release Date: September 7

I became interested in Animal Man when reading one of the best DC events: “52.” His story with Adam Strange and Starfire really worked for me and completely made me interested in those three characters that I hadn’t really read anything with previously. And seriously, if you’re at all interested in getting into the DC universe then I can think of no better way of getting to know a vast range of characters then reading “52”. It’s an amazing series that highlighted, and made favorites out of, several characters that aren’t necessarily the big names. And though I don’t know exactly how much of it will be relevant post-relaunch, I think there’s a good number of characters that were featured in it that seem to be being featured in September.

Buddy’s most interesting aspect for me seems to be his family life. He’s very much a man with a compelling domestic story to go along with his superhero story. The plot for his book seems to be focused on his daughter and family, so I’m pretty much sold on seeing how that all plays out.

Lemire has described this book as having a horror quality. It’s grouped in with the “Dark” titles. And damn if that preview image isn’t creepy. The tree of life with the very circulatory system look makes for some very creepy imagery.

So: kinda creepy, character I like, interesting art, interesting story.

It’s definitely one of the books I’m picking up in September.

Art Source: DC Universe: The Source - Blog