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Aug 24

These are the four covers for the titles involving some of the women of Gotham from November.

It was really hard for me to try to play favorites with these covers. They’re so unique, strong, and intense that I kind of love them all for different reasons. But I’m a stickler for making a list, so here it goes…

My choice for favorite is going to go to Catwoman #3 (by Guillem March). And why? Because it’s ugly. It’s raw, violent and completely unconcerned with Catwoman being pretty or sexy. Catwoman is definitely those things and I love a gorgeous piece of art like the previous month’s cover but she’s also a ferocious fighter who trained with one of the greatest boxers and knows how to throw down. It’s blood, sweat and tears. Someone has fucked with Catwoman and she has clearly fucked with them right back (them and the pile of discarded henchman stacked behind her). I almost didn’t even notice the torn cowl with her black hair peaking through or the strands visible through her goggles that look matted with sweat. Sometimes ugly is good. Here… I think it’s good.

Next up is Batgirl #3 (by Adam Hughes). Everything wrong with the kick from Black Canary on the Birds of Prey cover is highlighted when you see a kick done right. There’s strength, purpose and energy in Babs’ posture. Sorry you’re about to have your ass kicked, Dick. Perhaps Barbara really misses the fingerstripes? Plus Barbara and Dick on the cover of her book really excites me. I’m looking forward to seeing some interaction there… even if it’s the foot to face variety.

The Huntress #2 (by Guillem March) is all about the face. It’s a great cover with movement in her hair, cape, the pouches on her belt. I like her hands and her costume is drawn excellently. The background is good. But I had to force myself to look at all that because Helena’s eyes just owned this entire picture.The curve of her eyebrow, the intensity of her stare, the color used on her eyes. It pops out of the cover and makes this cover my third favorite.

I feel like I’m committing some horrible sin by putting Batwoman #3 (by J.H. Williams III) last on my list. Batwoman is always flawless art. Where the character goes, impeccable art follows. It’s creepy, gorgeous, elaborate, haunting and complex. I love it but I just happened to have more visceral reactions to the other covers in this group this month. But there’s not a flaw to be found here at all.

These are the November solicits for the above listed titles:

Batgirl #3 (written by Gail Simone): It’s the story you’ve been waiting for! As Barbara Gordon struggles to find her place in the world, Batgirl and Nightwing collide with the unstoppable force of a train wreck! Will it be sparks flying, or fists for this star-crossed duo? Also, the terrifying Mirror ups the ante in his bizarre war on the citizens of Gotham City! Featuring the eye-popping art of rising superstar Ardian Syaf!

Batwoman #3 (written by J.H. Williams III & W. Haden Blackman): Horror! Batwoman faces the terrifying villain stalking Gotham City’s children. Can she defeat the gruesome monster in time to save the city’s most innocent victims? Intrigue! Kate Kane unearths a ghost she has tried hard to bury, even as the D.E.O. closes in on Batwoman. Can Kate outrun her past and Cameron Chase? Romance! Kate’s relationship with Detective Maggie Sawyer continues to evolve. But will Kate’s nocturnal activities cause a rift between the two?

Catwoman #3 (written by Judd Winick): Cats hate baths. Cats hate dogs. And cats hate being caught. Catwoman stole from the wrong man, and now he’s got her. He wants his stuff back, he wants answers and he wants blood. Cats had better have nine lives, because Selina Kyle is about to lose one!

The Huntress #2 (written by Paul Levitz): Helena Bertinelli takes a trip to Naples, Italy, but she’s not there on holiday. As her alter ego, the Huntress, she’s uncovered a human trafficking and gun-smuggling ring that only scratches the surface of Mafioso activity! With no backup, no safety net, can this one-woman wrecking crew clean up the mean streets of this ancient city?

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