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Jan 15

Top Ten Comics on My Pull List in No Particular Order

6. Demon Knights

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Exoristos, Al Jabr, Vandal Savage, Shining Knight, Etrigan the Demon/Jason Blood, and Madame Xanadu all walk into a pub. Eventually the Horsewoman shows up too. The Questing Queen and her army of evil attack. Suddenly you’ve got yourself a hell of a fucked up team book.

Basically I love it.

Interesting characters. Great art. Great covers. The story has my interest. I’m intrigued to see these people interact in the long term. Finding out more about the new characters while getting to know this era in the lives of our long-lived existing characters has been fun. I never put it down disappointed. And I’m really curious to see how these people choose to stay together after the intimidate threat is dealt with.

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