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Oct 25

January 2012 - DC Comics Solicit Covers - 6 Comics in the DCnU’s Supernatural World

I love the cover of “The Shade #4" by Tony Harris. The retro dime-store novel style is just done perfectly. I love the concept and the execution of it. Everything has a dated feel to it and the woman bursting through the page intrigues me. It’s a great cover.

I love the Batsignal in the background of the cover for “I, Vampire #5" by Jenny Frison. The distance of it works perfectly to both root the character firmly the the DC universe and in a recognizable environment like Gotham, but it’s also far off enough to make these feel very separate from the goings on in the traditional superhero books. I love the boarder art and the creepy collection of skulls along the bottom of the page.

Fuck. The “Animal Man #5" cover by Travel Foreman is like something out of a nightmare. All his covers on this series have been disturbing at set the perfect tone for this really creepy horror book. I don’t quite think I’ve seen anything that gross within the pages of the Walking Dead yet.

Ryan Sook’s bright colors and clean lines on his cover to “DC Universe Presents #5" still manage to convey a creepy element. I might not need my blankie & my mommy the way I do after looking at the cover to Animal Man but it’s definitely got an unsettling vibe. It’s also just really interestingly drawn.

Resurrection Man #5" by Ivan Reis & Joe Prado is probably the best cover that series has had yet. The image is interesting and the art and colors are really well done. I love the light streaming through her wings. There’s a lot of interesting detail on this cover.

Last but not least is the cover to “Swamp Thing #5" by Yanick Paquette. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to look at a big, green plant monster more. The creepy, disturbing and monstrous force that’s invading Swamp Thing’s story has definitely invaded its cover and it’s just… icky. Which is exactly what they seem to be going for… so, well done.

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