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Oct 24

January 2012 - DC Comics Solicit Covers - 9 Titles Spanning the DCU

I absolutely love some of these covers. The art on “All-Star Western #5" by Ladronn has to be my favorite of this group. The detail and mood and sense of scale to the cave (*cough* lotta bats in that there Gotham cave *cough*) just works perfectly. I love that I’m still feeling the Sherlock/Watson vibe from this partnership.

As always, the cover to “Voodoo #5" by John Tyler Christopher is flawless. I utterly love his art. There’s always so much small detail to his covers that I love to uncover the longer I look at them.

Guillem March knocked his cover for “Huntress #4" out of the park this month. She’s strong, dangerous and you can just feel the rage emanating from her. The cover as a whole, however, is just really beautiful. The water, the sunset on the horizon, the colors all make for such a gorgeous setting.

There’s great action and story in Andy Kubert & Joe Prado’s cover to “Action Comics #5" this month. I really like the bright colors of the ship contrasted against the almost sickly green explosion of Krypton. It just pops.

I love the guns (and I don’t mean the weapons) that the new partner to “Grifter #5" is sporting on that cover by Scott Clark & Dave Beaty. That’s some Linda-Hamilton-ready-to-escape-the-asylum-arms she’s got there.

There’s nothing wrong with the cover of “The Ray #2" by Jamal Igle. In fact, there’s a lot right. I like the stormy sky. The unique architecture of the building behind him. And I really like the added detail of the people gathered in the windows watching. The main focus of the picture doesn’t quite interest me as much but it’s a solid cover.

Deathstroke #5" by Simon Bisley has a certain muted, grittiness to the colors that make sense for the title. It’s almost like there’s debris in the air as we look at them fighting. I’m not super interested but it’s a fine cover image.

Doug Mahnke’s cover to “Green Lantern #5" feels a bit too cartoony for my liking. Perhaps it’s just because it’s grouped here with a lot of more ~realistic~ art pieces but it just feels a little more cartoon then what I personally enjoy in a cover image. Especially in a scene that seems to call for a bit more gravitas.

I really don’t like the cover art on “O.M.A.C. #5" this month by Keith Giffen & Scott Koblis. Perhaps because it’s just too easy to compare with the contrasting image of the crossover cover on “Frankenstein” by J.G. Jones where there’s so much more richness and detail.

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